Cabecera del XIV Congress of the Spanish Biophysical Society (SBE)
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Wednesday, 11th June








Opening Ceremony and Plenary Lecture 1 (Sponsored by Consolider-Ingenio)

Chairperson: Antonio V. Ferrer Montiel 

  • TRP channels, what are they and why are they important for understanding polymodality of ion channels?.
    Baruch Minke (Tel Aviv University, Israel). 




Symposia S1 and S2 in parallel


Symposium S1: Supramolecular assemblies

Chairperson: José López Carrascosa 

  • Mechanisms of microtubule plus-end tracking proteins and centriolar proteins.
    Michel Steinmetz (Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen PSI, Switzerland). 
  • The protein folding pathway: a coordinated network of molecular machines.
    José M. Valpuesta (CNB, CSIC, Madrid).

Symposium S2: (Consolider-Ingenio): Receptors, channels and transporters.

Chairperson: Antonio V. Ferrer Montiel 

  • hERG cytoplasmic domains motifs that determine traffic and gating properties of the channel.
    Francisco Barros (Universidad de Oviedo). 
  • New insights into the role of the cyclin M family in magnesium homeostasis.
    Alfonso Martínez de la Cruz (CIC BioGUNE, Bilbao).




Coffee break


ITC and DSC techniques for studies of biological macromolecules.

Peter Vikegard (TA Instruments)




   Symposium S1 (continued)
  • Capturing working conformations for a large multifunctional enzyme.
    Mikel Valle (CIC BioGUNE, Bilbao).
  • Targeting protein assembly machines of the tubulin-FtsZ superfamily with small molecules.
    José M. Andreu (CIB, CSIC, Madrid).




   Symposium S2 (continued)
  • The potassium channel KcsA: A model for developing useful tools in the understanding of potassium channels and design new potential drugs.
    Asia Fernández-Carvajal (UMH/IBMC, Elche). 
  • Aquaporin channels regulation: targeting new players in old diseases.
    Graça Soveral (University of Lisbon, Portugal).

Oral communications Symposium 1 and 2




Annual SBE General Assembly




Welcome reception





Thursday, 12th June




Symposia S3 and S4 in parallel


Symposium S3 (Elsevier Symposium): Perspectives in lipid and membrane research.

Chairperson: Richard Epand (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada). 

  • The biophysics of lipid signaling during the stress response in plants.
    Edgard Kooijmann (Kent University, Ohio). 
  • From the biophysical bench to bedside: understanding phospholipid/protein/cholesterol cross-talk to produce better therapeutic pulmonary surfactants.
    Jesús Pérez-Gil (UCM, Madrid). 
  • Molecular and membrane asymmetry of cardiolipins in mitochondria: signaling elimination.
    Valerian Kagan (University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). 
  • A selection of chemical approaches to lipid research.
    Gemma Fabriàs (Institute for Advanced Chemistry, Barcelona). 
  • Relevance of lipid signaling to disease processes.
    Richard Epand (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada).




Symposium S4: Protein folding, stability, function and dynamics.

Chairperson: Miquel Pons 

  • Protein folding, ions and regulation.
    Javier Sancho (Universidad de Zaragoza). 
  • Looking at inborn errors from a structural viewpoint: some examples around urea cycle disorders.
    Vicente Rubio (Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia). 
  • Prediction of hydrodynamic and other solution properties of partially disordered proteins.
    José García de la Torre (Universidad de Murcia). 
  • Modelling and computer simulation of ion channels.
    Carmen Domene (King's College London).


Coffee break

    11:30     Oral communications Symposium 4


Plenary Lecture 2. European Biophysical Societies Association Lecture

Chairperson: Javier Álvarez 

  • Engineering tunnels and gates in enzymes.
    Jiri Damborsky (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic).  




Lunch and visit to posters




Symposia S5 and S6 in parallel


Symposium S5: Protein Structure.

Chairperson: Juan A. Hermoso 

  • Crystal structure of RNA polymerase I.
    Carlos Fernández Tornero (CIB, CSIC, Madrid). 
  • Biophysics of the assembly of RNA stress granules: The Pub1-eIF4G1 case.
    José M. Pérez-Cañadillas (IQFR, CSIC, Madrid). 
  • Visual protein photoreceptors: misfolding, stability and retinal disease.
    Pere Garriga (EET-UPC, Terrassa, Barcelona). 
  • Structure and regulation of a non-canonical RNA-dependent RNA polymerase”.
    Nuria Verdaguer (IBMB, Barcelona).




Symposium S6: Cell biophysics.

Chairperson: María García Parajo 

  • Optopharmacology to regulate endogenous proteins with light.
    Pau Gorostiza (IBEC, Barcelona). 
  • Synaptic dysfunction and nerve terminal degeneration.
    Rafael Fernández-Chacón (IBiS/HUVR/CSIC/US/CIBERNED, Sevilla). 
  • The disordered boundary of the cell: Intrinsically disordered proteins on cell membranes.
    Miquel Pons (Universitat de Barcelona). 
  • Looking at membrane fluctuations in red blood cells: dynamics of the spectrin cytoskeleton.
    Francisco Monroy (UCM, Madrid).



   16:30    Coffee break and Poster Party
   18:00    Oral Communications Symposium 5 and 6


Visit to the old Alcalá University



Friday, 13th June




Symposia S7 and S8 in parallel


Symposium S7: Biophysics of nucleic acids.

Chairperson: Ana I. Azuaga 

  • The DNA repair machinery: connections and targets.
    Jean Marc Egly (IGBMC, Illkirch, France). 
  • Structure and energetics of protein-RNA interactions: new insights from docking predictions.
    Juan Fernández-Recio (BSC, Barcelona). 
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy and microspectroscopy analysis of protein-DNA interactions involved in the regulation of essential bacterial processes.
    Silvia Zorrilla (CIB, CSIC, Madrid). 
  • NMR study of the effect of C2´-substituted furanoses on the structure and stability of nucleic acids.
    Nerea Martín-Pintado (IQFR, CSIC, Madrid).




Symposium S8: Membrane biophysics: organization and dynamics.

Chairperson: Francisco Gavilanes 

  • C2 domains: many ways to recognize specific lipids at the membrane.
    M. Senena Corbalán-García (Universidad de Murcia). 
  • Molecular interactions in living cell membranes, using fluorescence micro-spectroscopy methods.
    Pilar Lillo (IQFR, CSIC, Madrid). 
  • Mechanisms of action of cytotoxic and cytoprotective bile acids – Shaping membrane structure or permeability?.
    Manuel Prieto (IST-UTL, Lisboa, Portugal). 
  • Role of curvature in membrane organization. 
    Vadim A. Frolov (CSIC-UPV/EHU, Bilbao).


Coffee break



Oral communications Symposium 7 and 8





Plenary Lecture 3. Sponsored by Elsevier

Chairperson: Alicia Alonso 

  • Membrane biophysics intersecting biological function.
    Richard Epand (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada). 




Lunch and visit to posters




Plenary Lecture 4.

Chairperson: María García Parajo 

  • Unraveling the mechanism of molecular motors by using micromanipulation methods.
    María Mañosas Castejón (Barcelona/Paris).













SBE Prizes: Annual Awards Ceremony

Chairperson: Juan C. Gómez Fernández


Bruker Prize:

  • Visualizing the 3D structure of transient macromolecular interactions using EM.
    Óscar Llorca, (CIB-CSIC, Madrid)
   SBE-40/Pérez-Payá Prize:
  •  Recognition and resection of double-stranded DNA breaks: a single-molecule approach.
    Fernando Moreno-Herrero (CNB-CSIC, Madrid)
   SBE-33/Elsevier Prize:
  • Mechanobiochemistry of the giant protein titin​.
    Jorge Alegre-Cebollada (Columbia University, NY)




Coffee break and Poster party




Plenary Lecture 5

Chairperson: Juan J. Calvete 

  • Is it possible to fully understand a living system in a quantitative manner?.
    Luis Serrano (CRG, Barcelona)




Prizes for the best posters



Closing Ceremony




Congress dinner (optional)