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All abstracts have to be prepared in English and must be submitted not latter than May 6th, 2014 through the ONLINE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION WEBPAGE.


Each registered participant can present only one communication as the corresponding author, but there is no limit to the number of communications that a researcher can present in collaboration with other registered participants


From the total of communications presented, four will be selected for each symposium to be presented orally.


Abstracts must follow these formatting guidelines:


  • Abstracts must be typed and formatted for A4 size (210 x 297 mm.) allowing a 3 cm-margin all around.
  • Abstracts should be written in Times New Roman 12 point font and single spacing, must be submitted in their final state, and will be reproduced directly from the online submission – any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific data will appear in print as submitted.
  • Abstract must contain the title, author's name, and affiliation as a heading. The title of the paper will be in Times New Roman 12-point font, bold, centered and maximum 35 words. This title will indicate clearly the nature of the investigation.
  • The style of authors will be Times New Roman 11-point font, with the presenting author in italics and underlined. The author´s institutions in Times New Roman 10-point font and numbered 1, 2, 3. etc. as superscript letter together with the name of the author and his/her institution.
  • Body text must be aligned to both sides, and single-spaced. Body content: Times New Roman 12-point font.
  • Figures/tables should be centered and placed where they are referenced in the text. Table captions are placed above the tables. Figure captions are placed beneath the figures.
  • Acknowledgements will be in Times New Roman 10 point at the end of the document and before of the Bibliographical references.
  • Bibliographical references and internet links will be numbered according to their order of appearance in the main text. They will be placed at the end of the document with style Times New Roman 10-points and numbered [1], [2], [3], etc. 


Here you can download an abstract template.